Simplicity Journey

When you think of the word simplicity , what comes to mind?

Simplicity -  the state of being simple, freedom from complexity, sincerity, a naturalness...

  The thoughts of peace and tranquility come to mind when I hear the word  simplicity. The place that comes to mind for me is Maine.. the beautiful serene beaches of Maine. Calm.. cool.. peaceful.. ahh... This is the feeling and essence of what I want my home to exude. Simplicity 




Day One:   Revelation!

    As most of us who have children know, things do not always go as planned. Today was one of those days. How many times have I planned to either go to the grocery, clean or even get a shower for that matter.. only to be caught by the phone, someone at the door, and argument over the color blue, the toilet overflowing, children helping themselves to the gallon of milk, which is now my new floor covering, friends in crisis..... and the list goes on. 

  Simplicity must start from my inward thinking. Simplicity in my day to day dealings of change. Allowing myself the freedom to change, the freedom to NOT be perfect.  So many times I have seen organization, lack of clutter, excellent home decor as being in my mind the "perfect" thing. In order for my home to achieve simplicity, I need to let go of the "perfect" that I have set in my mind, and be happy and content with "progress" . 

  One day a very good friend of mine and I were discussing this exact thing. Through the coarse of our hashing out thoughts and mantras.. we came to this one "Progress, NOT Perfection" I have used this in my life in other areas, just not in my quest for simplicity... So , if you are reading this and have joined me on this quest.. let us help each other shall we? Progress, NOT Perfection.. shall be our mantra! 



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