Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plan your work..

 How many times have we all heard this phrase "plan your work and work your plan" . I have committed to and failed this more often than I would care to admit.  I have so many "plans" to work.. I don't even know where to begin most times. My ideas are endless, ways to make family, home, studio, ect.. better , more productive, and organized.
How many times am I going to set out to become "organized" ? Can creative , free spirited people be "organized" ?  These are questions I have asked myself , oh , I don't know 800 million times.. and thought the answer to be a resounding "NO"..
 Since this conclusion (or the last time I reaffirmed it) , I have come under the greatest conviction to teach my children how to function with simplicity, in a world full of excess. I recently read a statistic that said someone could rid us of about 75% of the things in our house and it would take us awhile to notice.
( Well I am sure for most people this would be true, but for me.. that would mean that they would be doing some serious cleaning and I am SURE I would notice )  I realize the point of this however and have purposed to really purge... to rid my home of excess.. to purposefully make our home one of simplicity...
   I am LOVING the word Simplicity.. well.. more on that later..
So for now, join me as I take this journey! 

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